Tuesday, June 19, 2007



You can request for a different color theme for designs no. 6, 8, 9, 10 ,14 & 17 ONLY. thank you ;)

click image for larger view !

*reminder; colors may vary from what you see now*


scha the forgotten said...

bapak chantek design..camni, nak tanya..if nak tempah untuk wedding, harga boleh reduce ka? hehehe..suka la..sgt chantek design korang..sgt suka..walaupon kamek jauh di sarawak, rasa macam nak beli la..

mango_vanilla said...

thanks kazem...untuk cupcakes yang sangat cantik n sangat sedap...
cant wait till january to re-order for my love birthday.-HERA-

Anonymous said...

dearest kazem..

soo prtty and cute xtau mana satu nak pilih..hmm i wanna place my order tink u can help me to choose or not..? tq..
suka all chocolate... :) email me at davina_143@yahoo.com k..

my.nurul.hayati said...

hi! kazem..
really fall in love wif those cuppies! so cute and adorable! r u following a cup cake classes or what?hehe..neway..i saw a box of 5's..round box if im not mistaken. do u really sale it?or or it was just a photo gallery?

+a.z.i.e+ said...

Hi Kazem,
Still remember me? Your ex-customer :) Last year, I ada order for my youngest sister birthday. hehe, i dtg redah jerk rumah you, masuk terus park mcm rumah sendiri.. and your father welcoming us mcm dah lama kenal.. sampai skrg kami still tertanya2.. mcm pernah lihat your father, tapi tak ingat kat mana.. hehe wah skang dah byk design.. and absolutely i will place an order soon.. hehe :p dah habis study ker?

AnnaBel* said...

heya! i got the animal cuppycakes for my sis bday on 10 feb 09 and she absolutely loved them! mmm... very tasty! and pwetty!

10Q for everything! ;)

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