Saturday, May 10, 2008


to your house? to your office? to your friend? or a crush?

Eventho we strongly encourage you to come on over to our house in STULANG LAUT to pick up your box of cupcakes there is delivery service provided by us! We can deliver your cupcakes! anywhere in Johor Bahru. no matter where you are ordering from. we can save you from a whole lot of trouble with only a minimum of RM15 depending on the location.

wanting to do a surprise drop off for someone special?

cannot be there for a special day?

we can do it for you!

*for futher enquiries on locations and prices please email us at momma.cakes@yahoo.com*


Anonymous said...

i send an email to ask about how to order n delivery service. but no reply..i want to deliver during hari raya to my friend at 2nd link immigration complex..is it possible?


mommacakes said...

owh we're so sorry erin..ur email must'hv been piled under those under spam emails we were trying to clean out =\
anyways, we are happy to deliver to gelang patah but it is so so so far away from where we are that it might just cost you too much =( we're in stulang laut..at the other end hehhe!

dilla said...

hi..can you deliver the cupcake by post?bcoz im not staying in jb.

mommacakes said...

hi dilla,
we have not tried posting any cupcakes yet so we do not know what the outcome wud look like when the cupcake gets to you. i am sorry but we do not post them for now..

Anonymous said...

hi..how much the delivery chgs for area bbu?

mommacakes said...

for BBU, the charges would be RM25

Anonymous said...

i ingat nak order 4 my wedding soon..
3 tier u all amik berapa..
dah jadi trend skrg ni wedding cupcake..

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