Thursday, May 15, 2008

About Us
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Our mother loves love loves doing her motherly duties and experimenting on her BAKING. And her experiments rarely ever dissapoint us. So at first, we decided to give my sister's classmates a taste of her creation in the form of palm-sized-choco-chip-cookies. They seemed to can't get enough of it. Little by little, the demand got a little higher and the teachers were also asking for some. We've come from only cookies in the classroom to cupcakes for the school. And the pictures here were from the little range we did for the teachers' day celebration! But those cakes were put in a boxed, ribboned & beautifully tagged! The name 'mommacakes' was chosen because our momma was the one baking the cakes. Mommy bakes, my sis & i brainstorm some ideas and it get pretty heated sometimes because i'm more of a "less is more" kinda gal and she just loves pilling everything together BUT it works and the end result oozes with sweetness!

We are starting really small and not rushing into anything big yet or anytime soon. And sadly, we can only make orders for customers who are staying in Johor Bahru. It's just a tiny business that got started from having little extra time on our hands and pockets to fill to pay some bills. =) Our aim is to satisfy you with the taste of our cakes rather than it's decorations. Though we pay extra attention to how it looks because we know that eating something adorable is way better! Mom has made various cupcakes flavour such as choco-brownie, choco-cake and also choco-chip. But we will definitely add more to the list. Something rainbow-ish just might be on the way! =)

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