Monday, May 12, 2008


*we are SORRY but we do not accept LARGE orders.*

For normal orders, please put in an order AT LEAST 7 DAYS before date of pick up/delivery. You can place an order thru our NEW online order form. You are required to fill us in with the details as stated:

If there is any problem regarding the online order form, please manually email us your order at momma.cakes@yahoo.com. Copy the details below and send them to us. sorry & thank you!

1. date & time of collection:
2. name :
3. contact no. :
4. cupcake set : [box of 16s regular (quantity) or box of 20s little (out of stock)]
5. cupcake flavour : choc,choc-chip, or vanilla. (1box=1flavor)
6. design : no. ?
7. message on cake: not more than 20 characters

8. ribbon & tag : yes or no (if yes, fill in these details:) *extra charges RM5

i) receiver's name :
ii) message :
iii) sender's name :

9. delivery service : yes or no (if yes, fill in these details:) *extra charges

i) receiver's name :
ii) full address :
iii) receiver's contact no. :
iv) exact date & time :

*for orders more than a box, repeat details 4, 5, & 6.*

*you will recieve a COMFIRMATION email from us regarding your order. only after this confirmation will you be asked to make a payment by coming to our house or banking it into our account (MAYBANK). payments have to be made immediately after confirmation (within 3 days). this is to 're-confirm' the status of ur order. if fail to pay during that period, orders will be cancelled. we do not do cash upon delivery. thank you.*


Anonymous said...

can i order for raya

mommacakes said...

sure sure! anything before 30th september and after 6th october.. =)
have fun!

Princess Mia said...

hi there!

just wanna ask...I'm looking for a cupcakes for my wedding gift somewhere around dec 2008..about 100-200pcs..if i already hv a design..can u do it?how much it will cost?and nice boxes wit a tag..any additional costs?

emilia, JB

mommacakes said...

well we'd prefer if u select one of the designs that we hv already created but if u have some other ideas we can come up with an entirely new one for u. as for the doorgifts, we are making those at RM3.50 each like the packaging on the "price" page.

have fun,

Anonymous said...

Hi there..
Im looking for a cup cakes for my husband birthday but i stay in kl. Can u do it? How much it will cost and any charges?

mommacakes said...

we can only deliver to ur husband if he's somewhere around JB only ;)

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