Friday, May 16, 2008

Contact Us

if you have a special request or any enquiries?

do send us an email or drop a comment!!

we would be glad to answer your questions.

mommacakes is here to enlighten you !

don't worry we rarely bite ;)

email address - momma.cakes@yahoo.com

or just leave a comment with your question and enquiries right here in our blog! ;)

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eraerzarusli said...

was so excited when i read that you have delivery service but then, i flunked flat! u live so far away!!! adoiii laaa....sedey betol!!

zura said...

cutenyer...saya nak order cupcakes ni...tapi bole x kalu design die tu nak design rokok...contohnya malboro ke, dunhill ke...
lagi 1, bape lama masa nak dapat? saya nak pada 17 feb.

Anonymous said...

may i know smting,
the price include delivery charge ke?

mommacakes said...

heyya zura,

buat masa ni kami xdpt nak buat "rokok" themed cupcakes but if you want more manly cupcakes, ada football theme or we can create sumthing new especially for you, ya?

the RM60 for each box does not include delivery charge. delivery charge bermula dgn RM15 dan akan naik harga mengikut address.

thanks! have fun,

Anonymous said...

leh hantar kat shah alam tak?

Anonymous said...

hai there,
wanna ask if order dis cupcakes,where can i get it? i mean which part of stulang? is it a house or shop?

mommacakes said...

sorry kami belum dapat deliver smpi s.alam buat waktu ni ;)

u can come and collect the cupcakes from our house in stulang laut. is a house on the main road towards the new CIQ.. ;)

i am LUNATICS said...

kat maner ni tempatnyer ... nk wat sirvey lah

hit me back k


Anonymous said...

can i hv ur contact num so it'll make it easier seems that i jarang on9..

p/s: reply asap coz my bro's wedd is coming soon(4/4)


ZAFiRA FiLZA said...

Hey. Are you still available?

mommacakes said...

yes we are still available ;)

Anonymous said...

heyya~ nk tnye.. if nk order around 200pcs leh reduce price tk?

atyl said...

nak tnye
momma cake ni ktne?

ila said...

hi... do you have ready cupcakes for today? -azilah

Anonymous said...

hey hun. .
can i have ur contact num??
or ur address maybe.
btol2 nk order cupcakes ni.
by 13th oct. .

lil' princess said...

hey hun. .
can i have ur contact num??
or ur address maybe.
btol2 nk order cupcakes ni.
by 13th oct. .

mommacakes said...

i'm so sorry princess but
we're not baking rite now...
tengah sibuk pindah and out kitchen is not ready!
maaf ya =(

fara lovalista said...

hye there,
all those cuppies was so cute & adorable me.. if i nak order for 2 boxes 4 engagement day at 25th & 26th dec 2010, r u still available?
u know what, my hubby also live in stulang laut, tapi u dah pindah kan?
soooo.... how 2 make an order wit u, my dear? please give me a feed back or can u give me ur add @ phone num..

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